Change taking place in China

Young Chinese citizens are the future of the country and they are now preparing to change it. That is because the government has decided to change the law that prevailed upto now which says one child per family with a view to controlling the population. The government has now granted permission for a family to have two children. This young woman says that her one dream is to have a large family. She said that after marriage she would like to have two children. This Christian couple is also hopeful about having two children just like the rest of the younger generation of Chinese. They say that children are essential for a successful life. This lawyer who is part of the Team preparing new regulations says that the birth of a child is a beautiful thing. A mother goes through a very special experience giving birth to her child and therefore carries a greater responsibility in this regard. So having children in the family is a special thing. She realized that children can change a family when she saw the change in her husband after her first child was born. She says that after the baby was born her husband became more responsible towards the home and the family. She says that having children could reduce the number of marriages breaking up and ending in divorce.


Doctors in China are also paying special attention to this matter. The reason being that with the changes in the laws older women are also seen to be getting pregnant. She says that she likes to add another member to her family. The Chinese government is now paying more attention to providing necessary local medicines and other facilities for the older women. This doctor says that she has been successful in bringing together the local and western medicines. There are various views expressed by the people about the government allowing families to have a second child. They are of the view that economic conditions and other situations also can affect the family.

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