The hero of humanity who came as Superman

Little children enjoy watching the heroic acts of superheroes. Every superhero is featured as someone who comes to the aid of people in need. Every child dreams of a superhero coming to their rescue when they are in difficult circumstances. A young American has made an effort to make the dreams of children come true by coming to their rescue in times of need. Ricky Miller is the young man. He began this special work on a request made by his grandmother on her deathbed. Ricky dresses up as Spider Man and visits hundreds of children suffering from cancer, spending time with them and making them happy. As a true Christian Ricky is making an effort to bring some comfort to children in difficult circumstances. He is the founder of the Christian organization called ‘The Heart of a Hero’. Today Ricky, dressed up as Spider Man, visits hundreds of children in hospitals stricken with cancer and other terminal illnesses. These children who have no hope for the future enjoy the visits of Spider Man.

He says that he has not received any opposition from hospital sources and is happy that he can bring some measure of comfort to children who are suffering. He has now organized a group of persons disguised superheroes to visit children in hospitals. In the past three years they have been able to visit more than 5000 sick children and comfort them. Some of the children he visits are almost breathing their last and he has been able to put a smile on their faces as they pass on. Striving to touch the lives of children who are suffering with sickness, Ricky is truly a super hero.    

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