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Ibrahim is a Taxi Driver trainer. He is a person with special needs and here we see him training another young man with special needs to drive. He says that he learned to drive on his own. He says that he is a Christian and so he wants to teach driving to other people like him with special needs. The Kenyan government has enforced a law which says that at least 5% of employees in any organization should be people with special needs. According to statistics from the Kenyan Disabled Persons Society there are around 6 million people with special needs living in Kenya. This young man Frederick fell victim to polio in his childhood and was disabled. He has begun a very special mission in Kenya. He has opened a website for all people with special needs or disabilities who are unemployed.


A few days after the website was opened more than 500 persons had registered and most of them are prepared to share their information through this website. Frederick is of the view that when a person with special needs is employed his transport needs and a suitable environment has to be considered. Therefore the government is preparing rules and regulations in consideration of these needs. Yet there are various setbacks in providing the necessary facilities in existing organization. Mohamed Hussain a member of the Disabled Persons Society says that people with special needs need to be considered as a social need and all necessary facilities need to be provided for them in all public places. Around 4000 people have registered in this website up to now and they are all hopeful of a better tomorrow when they can stand on their own.

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