Christian Cultural Festival in India

This cultural festival for the year 2017 was organized by the Christian Youth Federation in New Delhi. A wide range of cultural items were presented to make this event a very colourful one. A sale of goods had also been organized by the Christian society members. News report comes from the city of Delhi in India. The Chief Guest on this occasion was the Executive Director of Prasadh Bharathi Company and a large crowd of people from many Churches also attended the event. The President of the Youth Federation Mr. Peter Prem said that he considers this a social responsibility towards the people. He said that this is an ideal opportunity to reduce the gap between the village and the city and to treat everyone equally.

A member of the Christian Youth Federation said a large number of cultural items were presented at this festival with the aim of promoting harmony between the different races. Many Non-governmental organizations assisted in this effort, he said. Over 40 different dance troupes participated in this festival. This little child said she enjoyed dancing at this Festival and it was a very special privilege for her. This person said that he presented his act with great reverence and joy because all this is part of the cultural environment in which we live. It is reported that large crowds representing various Churches enjoyed the Festival.  

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