The future of Christianity in Central Asia

The nations of Uzbekistan, Kazakastan, Tajikistan, Kurgistan and Tukmenistan formerly a part of the Soviet Union are today considered as countries where Christians are persecuted the most. This is the story we hear from Uzbekistan. This citizen of Uzbekistan says that observing the Christian faith today is a threat to his life. This person from Tajikistan says that not only the person who takes to the Christian faith but his family are also at the risk of being killed. He says that as a result the Christian is helpless in the face of choosing his faith or his family. 25 years after the fall of the Soviet Union all these nations became independent nations. Yet today religious freedom is threatened raising a question about what real independence is about. The Christians living in these countries are facing such a crisis. Dr. Michael is one who has been looking into religious freedom dating back to the time of the Soviet Union. He says that new and innovative ways should be discovered to take the Gospel to the people. Due to this, apart from the Churches it is essential that the Gospel is taken to the people at an individual level.

Therefore Dr. Michael says that the best way to take the Gospel to the unreached is through the workplace. With this idea in mind large numbers of young people attended a Leadership Training Workshop with the intention of carrying the Gospel of Good News to the unreached. Its President Pastor Sergi says that this is not an easy task. Yet, according to his experiences during his time in the Soviet Union, he is preparing the younger generation to face the challenges of the modern age. At that time he could not find a single Christian and so today he has become a Minister, he says. Therefore he has gathered all Christian professionals in one place and is providing answers to questions regarding the spread of the Gospel. It is everyone’s hope that one day this Centre will be known as a Christian centre.

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