Spiritual crisis in Russia

It is reported that the clashes between Christian denominations in Russia has reached crisis levels.  The reason for this is that apart from the Orthodox Church which functions under the Government all other Christian denominations have been prohibited to practice their faith.  Accordingly, under the rule of President Putin, except for the Orthodox Church all other Christian denominations have been banned from conducting worship services, prayer meetings, Baptisms and all forms of Bible Studies.  They can only be conducted in Churches that are under Government control.  All other Churches do not have the freedom to carry on such activities.  This Pastor says that although the Church which he belongs to is functioning in 13 other countries it has been prohibited to conduct any religious activities in Russia.  The Russian government has enforced a rule which says that any Church other than the Orthodox Church, that wishes to conduct religious activities will have to obtain approval from the government.  However, other Churches that have obtained permission from the government to conduct religious activities have also been prohibited to read the Bible, sing hymns or conduct prayer meetings.

Although the Russian government maintains the stand that these rules were put in force to prevent any religious extremist activities within Russia it is sad to note that the greatest impact has been on the Christian Church.  As a result the Orthodox Church in Russia has a great deal of power and President Putin himself attends the Orthodox Church which has created a situation where they are exercising more power.  The word Orthodox in Russian means that this is the only way to bring glory to God.  However all other Christian churches also give glory to the same God and the protestant and other Christian churches are of the view that by giving power to only one denomination is a serious violation of the right to practice one’s own faith.

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