President who gives priority to Christianity

A service of blessing for America’s new President Donald Trump and his new staff was held recently at the Washington National Cathedral.  It is reported that this is a tradition that has been maintained in America.  The main sermon was delivered by Bishop Harry Jackson who also conducted the service of blessing.  The most talked about subject after this service was the deep faith of the President and First Lady.  Even at his inauguration first place was given to religious observances.  Pastors representing many denominations in American gave their blessings using words from Scripture at the inauguration ceremony.  Many were of the view that this happened as a form of showing gratitude to the many Churches that support Donald Trump’s election campaign.   

Another special feature of the inauguration ceremony was that the President in his address to the Nation proclaimed to the public his faith and trust in God.  As a result Christians in America began to support President Trump.  He displayed his reverence and faith in God further as at the end of his speech he pronounced God’s blessings and protection upon the people of America.  Not stopping there he conducted a service of blessing at the swearing in of his senior staff as well.   He used verses from the Bible about ruling a country and blessed his staff.  Now everyone hopes that the new regime will be firmly based on the Christian faith.  

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