Middle East war situation continues

The Turkish Army is currently engaged in heavy fighting against ISIS terrorists close to the Turkish border near the city of Albab.  The heavy artillery fire of the terrorists is making it impossible for the Turkish army to regain control of the city of Albab.  This soldier says that they are now nearing the final stages of the war and that they now have to face very heavy attacks.  Another dangerous situation is the car bombs.  A large number of Turkish forces have gathered at the Turkish borders in support of the Syrian army.  This Turkish soldier says that they are now in the final stages of the battle for control of the city of Albab.  The Turkish army is attacking the ISIS terrorists by land and by air.

Here you see the Turkish forces secretly bringing in heavy artillery to position them at the Turkish border.  Televising at the Turkish border has been limited with a view to preventing intelligence reports of planned attacks from reaching the terrorists.  According to this War Reporter the Syrian and Turkish armies are currently engaged in the final battle for control. 

They have already been successful in regaining control of many other cities.  It is reported that the Turkish border is heavily guarded at present.  However the ISIS terrorists are making every effort to keep control of the area.  This Turkish soldier says that the iSIS terrorists are now fleeing this area.  The Syrian and Turkish armies are making a great effort to drive away these terrorists. 

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