Church that provides food for the poor

This Church is situated in the city of Madrid and many people attend this Church.  Most of them are here for a special reason.  And that is because they receive free meals there.  This Church was opened last year for this reason alone.  Unlike other churches this church is open 24 hours a day seven days a week.  This is the perfect place for the homeless.  Oliver, a homeless man, says that this has brought about a spiritual awakening in his life.  This has been a great blessing for his life filled with poverty.  Pastor Angel Rodrigo is the founder of this concept of a Church that provides food.  He is a man who has done great service to society through his 50 years in ministry.  According to him social outreach is not the responsibility of a Church but the responsibility of the government. 

But if the government is unable to do so then the Church must reach out to the people. He said that they are here to help the helpless but it is not a reason for the government to turn a blind eye. 

A food storage system also is in operation here and it serves to meet the needs of the people.  Even the people who are employed but are unable to provide for all the needs of their families receive assistance from this Church.  Almost half the population of this city suffers from poverty.  A great economic setback has been prevalent in Spain today.  This situation has arisen due to political conflicts and this Church has come up with a timely answer and remedy for the prevalent situation.

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