Right to education for refugees as well

The children running through these gates are those who come from the refugee camps.  This is the first time they have been exposed to the media.  The media was not allowed to capture these children on film before this instance.  12 Syrian refugee children receive their education here and they are Christians.  The Principal says that it is a special privilege to have an opportunity to teach these children.

 This teacher says that these children move around freely with the other children of the school and that those children are very supportive of the ones who have come from the refugee camps.  There are many more children like these in the refugee camps.  There are schools situated in close proximity to these refugee camps and the children are taught the German language and many other subjects together with many activities suitable for children.

Sara from the Project says that these children are often able to learn their mother tongue in these schools and that it would be useful to them in their higher studies.  The children have also been given the opportunity to learn French, German and Spanish language and it is hoped to develop the skills of the children through learning other languages.  Yet it is obvious that all children have not been given these opportunities.  Fathima a Kurdish refugee child has lost her parents and is living with an uncle.  She says she likes to learn the English language and hopes to become a doctor one day.  She lives in the hope that a school for refugee children will be opened in the vicinity of the refugee camp in which she lives.  Her uncle says that by going to school she can learn many good things and that the only thing available around the refugee camps is things that are not good for children to learn.  By providing an education for these refugee children their future can be made better and brighter and will server for better understanding among the refugees.  

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