Christian singer wins Nobel Peace Prize

Bob Dylan is a popular singer whose name alone draws the attention of audiences all over the world.  He is known as a musician, song writer, composer and pop singer and now he a Nobel Peace Prize winner.  Michael Bonner Editor of the Uncut says that the songs written by him are very special and that they are written in his own unique style.  Gaining popularity in the 1960s 70s and 80s his songs were based on the social unrest at that time.  Some of his songs became anthems for the American civil rights and anti-war movements. Dylan presented his own unique style of songs to his audiences and during the Vietnam War he wrote songs about drug abuse and other controversial incidents in society.   During that time his songs were at the top of the music charts.  In 2013 musician Bill Wyman said that Bob Dylan’s songs based on particular issues were unique creations.  He has released a large number of song albums and has millions of fans supporting him.  In addition to singing he has authored 3 books up to now. 

Dylan is also a strong Christian and says that all this has been possible because of God’s strength and grace.  Unlike during his young days as he grew older Dylan has drawn closer to God and has sung many Christian songs proclaiming God’s love.  Even at the time he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize he gave all glory and honour to God in the presence of many people. 

This star that took the world by storm through his music and songs has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as a result of all he went through by the grace of God. 

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