Dance that displayed God’s grace

Ballet Dance can be described as a form of dance with gentle rhythmic movements.  It requires much dedication and preparation to perform the Ballet Dance and its success also depends on the training and experience of the dancer.  Very often Ballet is used to depict various social situations but it has never before been used to depict any religious situations. 

A Virginia Dance Company  is preparing for a performance that will depict the love and grace of God through which one can turn from darkness to light.  “Lily and the Gypsies” is the name of the performance which critics claim could broaden the horizons of Ballet Dance.  This is a story of a young woman who is redeemed from evil and saved by God's grace.

Arnora Hummel is the author of the story and she says that this is an outreach effort to rescue people from the occult.  The Gypsies are victims of the occult powers and they are saved by God’s grace through one of their own young girls.  Hummel says she believes the idea for the ballet came from the Lord.  "To tell you the truth, it just came to me within about an hour," she said. "He gave me the whole story and said this was to combat the enemy from pulling young people into the occult."

Around 50 dancers and actors are involved in the production.  Jessica Hartsfield who dances the part of Lily says, "The main thing that I hope they take away is that no matter how far you've fallen and no matter how many paths you've taken, you can always get back to God's path,"

"Every single person is on fire for the Lord and really wants to take this message and show the world the evil that exists and how we can have authority over that in the name of Jesus Christ," Masterworks dancer Olivia Shedd emphasized. Shedd dances the part of the gypsy queen.

Hummel hopes audiences receive a revelation of God's power. "That our God is all in all -- all powerful, all consuming," she said, overcome with emotion.

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