Restaurant Church shows path to salvation

A few years ago the people of Seattle lived a life far different to their present lives.  One church was able to turn things around for them.  Pastor Veron says that about 90% of the people of Seattle have now accepted Christ and that it is a miracle.  All this is due to God’s grace which is why their efforts have succeeded, he said.  This is a Church that was built according to a new concept – the Church was a Restaurant.   Most of the Church programmes are conducted along with the evening meal.  Pastor Veron says that this concept has so far been successful.  He said that it took him only 6 weeks to make a difference among the people with this new concept.  Getting to know each other during the meal sharing God’s love and grace was one aim in this new concept. 

Brandon, a member of this Church says that it is a very unique experience to listen to the word of God while having a meal.  Many people who attend this Church say they now have peace in their hearts after coming here.  Many believe that the dinner table is a great place to share each other’s ideas and it brings a sense of relief to everyone.  Brandon says that many people who came in here with no faith at all finally leave after accepting Christ.  A believer who attends this Church named Tullela says that when he first came here he didn’t have any faith and that he came to know God through this Restaurant.  This is not only a restaurant but feeds the heart as well and makes salvation available to all.  Many are of the view that this concept of a Restaurant Church is a successful method of bringing salvation to all.

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