Persecution of Christians in Pakistan on the rise

These people carrying weapons are providing security to Churches in Pakistan.  Johannabad is a city in Pakistan where the most number of Christians live.  Last year the city was attacked.  The number of children attending the Christian school in this city is also dwindling due to this reason.  Pastor Shakil who lives in this city is deeply disturbed by the Christians who are being killed each day.  According to Pastor Shakil a large percentage of Christians living in this city are very poor and they are not strong enough to face the attacks aimed at them.  Therefore the assistance of the Muslim people and the intervention of the government has to be sought.  As Christians these people love their country Pakistan, just as much as the non-Christians do.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says that the extremist organizations are responsible for every drop of blood that is shed on this ground.  He went on to say that the Armed forces and the Police are on full alert in this connection.

This pastor says that we should be concerned about the evil that lurks around us and the evil that is in our hearts.  Until the devil is chased away these military movements are of no use, he says.  Respecting the rights of minority groups is fast fading away due to the fact that wrong emphasis has been given to minority groups in the text books used by the children of Pakistan. Christian organizations deplore the fact that the government has willfully erased Christian heroes from the history books and non Muslims are being used for toilet clearing and cleaning.  It is reported that the people of Johanabad are now living as castaways and wronged.  This lady says that the government is purposely not developing the basic facilities of this city as it is populated with mostly Christians.  This man also says that living here has become very risky.  The most recent and well-known happening is the sentencing to death of Asea Bibi a woman who accepted Christ.  Every Sunday the only hope that is prayed in every Church is that one can practice their faith in a Pakistan that is free.

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