Refugee crisis heightens world over

For the past several years we have seen large crowds of people trying to migrating to European countries as migrant refugees.  In this manner large crowds of people from many parts of the world have been migrating to other countries for various reasons.  People from around 20 countries have made routes across Panama travelling through dense forests.  These refugees are making their way on foot through many obstacles heading towards America.  As they come out of the dense jungles the first village is the Metati village where the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Panama are registering the people.  This is not the end of their journey; they have a long long way more to go. 

This is Samuel.  He was the victim of a Boko Haram attack on a Church while he was in Church.  He ran away from there.  He said the terrorists threw something inside the Church and the explosion caused severe burns to his body and to many other people.  As he was injured a group of his friends put him into a ship transporting goods.  They asked him to hide himself inside the ship.  He had no idea about his journey and even after arriving in Columbia he did not even know where he was.  Here he met many African people waiting to travel to America. 

Samuel describes his journey through the forests with these people saying it was very difficult and he wondered if hell was like the forest.  This was his first experience and he said that he could not go on facing such dangerous situations.  The President of Panama has closed the borders due to this dangerous situation.  This army officer says this refugee crisis is becoming worse day by day and that it has now become a question of national security.  Over the past five years large numbers of Christians have travelled this road seeking help.  The interior of the forest is full of danger but security forces say that they have been travelling safely all this time.

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