The Bakery that offers a second chance in life.

Patty Hunt is being trained to make Bakery products and begin her life anew.  She says she has received a new meaning to her life through this Bakery and say goodbye to her former life.  The main purpose of this place is to provide relief to women such as these who have been unfairly treated by society.  The name of this Bakery is, Together We Bake.  This Bakery was started by Stephanie about three years ago with the aim of helping women in trouble.  Therefore women who have got involved in anti-social activities or women who have got into unfortunate circumstances are provided with relief through this programme and they are given a proper training in the Bakery business.  They are also encouraged to think positively as they work.  These women are first given a proper training about food and principles of cookery and later they are trained in making various food products.   Various types of Cookies and sweets are the main items they produce. 

According to Shannon she studies various recipies and methods of preparation and later she learns about marketing techniques.

They are taught about marketing strategies, market research and sales skills.  Leadership qualities- identifying their purpose-reaching their goals through difficult situations are some of the lessons they are taught which has resulted in their success.  In addition to all their work, all these ladies take time to give glory to God and thank Him for this opportunity of a new life. 

Kim says that in her previous life she did many wrong things but she now has a perfect opportunity to put things right.  They have a growing demand for the food products they make.

They all say they are very pleased with the training they have received and around 80 such women have been fully trained and are now living a new life more useful to society.

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