Christians who help the poor by home gardening.

This plot of land growing vegetables and fruits beside the United Methodist Christian Church is a result of faith and commitment.  Melody, the Co-ordinating officer of this Project says that she prayed and asked God for strength to begin this project.  She had no knowledge about vegetation but through prayer she received the strength to do it.  There this garden is named the Garden of Victory because it is based on God’s grace and strength.  The vegetables, fruits and medicinal herbs that grow in this garden are grown free of any chemicals.  She also said that they grow healthy foods that people can prepare quickly and conveniently for their daily consumption.  The unique feature of this plantation is that, as mentioned earlier, they are free of any chemical fertilizer.  They only use specially prepared bio-friendly, natural fertilizer.  This volunteer says that she joined this project very willingly.  In addition to providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the people they also use these vegetables to  prepare and provide an evening meal. 

This lady says that all these vegetables and very healthy and tasty too.  This food is provided not only to the people of their Church but also to people outside.  Some days they make a small charge for cooked food but that money is used specifically for the growing of these vegetables and fruits, says Melody.  This has become very popular because the food is so tasty.  This person says that there is a place for her too in this garden.  Her family members carry out the various tasks in this garden because it is useful to everyone. 

Volunteer worker Freddie says that he has planted a cross beside his vegetation patch.  This will be a reminder that all this has been possible because of God.  The chief purpose of this project is to grow and distribute.  God’s grace is evident to all through this project. 

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