Ambulances to save lives by God’s strength.

In a terrorist attack the injured need to be provided with immediate medical assistance.  Realizing the gravity of this situation a Christian Church gifted three modern Ambulances to the Israeli authorities for use in such instances.  This Pastor says that this is a very practical way to provide relief to the injured and it is a relief to the poor people.   Gifting the Ambulances he said that thousands of lives could be saved through them.  Dr. Jonathan says that these ambulances contain many modern equipment and facilities that can be used to save the lives of people who are injured.  This Pastor says that with the donation of these Ambulances the humanitarian feelings of Christians have become evident to the whole world. 

Anne, the President of this organization says that this is a sign that the people of Israel are being fully supported by the Christian community.   She says that the people will feel that they are not alone and that all this has been possible because of the grace of God.   She went on to say that this will be a sign to the Jewish people that they are not alone and that they will be able to believe and have faith that God will always send His people to save them. 

The founder of this organization Mr. Norman says that this area where the Jewish people live is a very difficult area and that the people here are facing many hardships.  Therefore this sort of support is essential to these people.  He also feels that the bonds of friendship between the Christians and Jewish people will be further strengthened through this.  Every time these Ambulances carry aid to the affected people they also carry God’s comfort and His grace.

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