The Gospel carried by gas balloons to North Korea.

 This group of Christians has to travel from South Korea to North Korea before the sun goes down.  They cannot show their faces nor disclose their names for the safety of their mission.  The leader of this mission says this is a very risky operation and this map shows the rough path along which they must travel.  The borders of North and South Korea are war areas that have very tight security.  Over a million North Korean troops form a very tight security cordon along the border and it is the same on the South Korean side as well.  The chief contributor to this mission is the wind. 

Gas Balloons that have sections of the Bible written on them are sent floating with the wind over the border.  They are bright orange in colour and thousands of Bible passages are printed in the Korean language on these balloons.  Carrying a Bible to North Korea is an impossible task so this method has become a very fruitful way to carry the word across.  Helium Gas is used for these balloons and it is important that the mission has to be completed before the wind changes direction.  After a prayer of commitment these balloons are released into the North Korean skies.  In a few minutes the North Korean sky is filled with these balloons that are carrying the word of God.  This lady says that the message these balloons carry is that the South Korean Christians are praying for their Christian brothers and sisters in North Korea. 

These balloons are manufactured at a very secretive location and this group of Christians have been involved in this mission since 1991.  This 78 year old Christian woman has been a part of this group for many years.   

She was born in North Korea and says this is an ideal way to get the message of salvation across to her homeland.  A little while after the balloons are released into the air, the helium gas is released and the balloons fall into the hands of the North Koreans. 

Some time ago this type of balloons were sent across the sea carrying passages from the Bible and even short wave radios.  In addition to this weekly services are held and these are transmitted to North Korea through radio waves. 

This Pastor says that North Korea disrupts the radio waves that carry these signals but they have used various other methods to send the message across.  No matter what obstacles may come they will continue their mission to carry the message of salvation to the people of North Korea who are waiting for it with expectant hearts.

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