The woman who became a blessing to the city of Rio.

Pastor Williams is a very popular person among the street people of Rio.  However some time ago the situation was not the same.  She came to this city about 26 years ago.  Being a city that had the highest crime rate one need not stress about the danger of this place.  This area was so dangerous that even the police were forbidden to enter it.  The white cross you see here is not a place of worship but a place where people had been murdered.  However Pastor Williams has been able to overcome all obstacles and save people from wrong doing.

Williams says that the husbands of most of the mothers living in this city do not live in their homes.  The majority of them are in prison.  So most of the children here do not receive proper protection.   Hence the chances of evil entering their hearts is far greater and they see the wrong doers as heroes. 

So she began the Mary Martha Children’s Church in order to bring the children on to the correct path.  The children are given both physical and mental  teaching in order to draw them away from wrong doing. 

This young man says he came to this House Church as a little boy.  After many years and having completed his University education he has returned.  He is now a teacher in this Church and his daughter is also studying here.  Other Churches also support Pastor Williams to run this House Church.  This Pastor says that Pastor Williams is carrying out a very important and valuable ministry and therefore his Church provides material and financial support for her to maintain and carry out their activities.  This is a very valuable ministry as it provides an opportunity for people to be touched by God’s grace at a crucial point in their lives.  Williams says that based on God’s compassion they have never had a day without food and that their refrigerators are always full.  She says that all she needs is God’s protection to continue this ministry.  She says this because she is continuing to receive death threats.  However she says that she will continue to provide the services as long as she is able to.  

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