Christian aid to an industrious woman

When Cynthia’s husband left home in search of a job she never imagined that he would never come back.  She had 6 dollars left with her that day and she could not imagine what would happen to her five children after that day.  Picking up courage Cynthia sold a water melon and with that money fed her five children that day.  She said that she started this business on a very small scale because she could not see her children go hungry.  Later she was able to sell more fruits and increase her income.  But some days her business did not succeed.  So she had to make a tough decision.  Although they were hungry they could not eat the leftover water melons because she had to try and sell them the next day.  Her youngest child fell ill and became dehydrated.  She had to spend her last pennies to get medicine for her child.  So her little business went bankrupt. 

At this point she was able to enter her children into the CBN Mission’s special assistance programme for underprivileged children.  From that point on all five of Cynthia’s children were able to receive proper nourishing food.  They were also able to receive a proper education and in addition, through the Superbook Cartoon series they were able to learn about the Bible as well.  This is Cynthia’s oldest daughter and she says her favouriteSuperbook section is about David and Goliath..  She said that after their father left them she lived with a lot of fear, but after seeing this cartoon she lost her fear.  Later Cynthia’s whole family became Christians and she was given a cart so she could resume her fruit business.  Because of the support given by the CBN Mission the family is now able to lead a comfortable life. 

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