Ancient Jerusalem in the eyes of a Designer

This huge replica you see is of the city of Jerusalem during the time Jesus Christ walked on this earth.  Depicting the second Jerusalem- Church- era this reminds us of a spiritual journey through the Holy Land.  Here we can see the real picture of the ruins that can be seen in the Israeli Museum.  Its creator David says that this is the city designed by King Herod and it is also where Jesus lived.  He says that this gives a fine opportunity for visitors to get a clear idea of what the city would have looked- like during the time of Jesus.  This replica  containsa model of every place that Jesus visited during His lifetime.   The well-known Church that has a shrine where parts of the Hebrew Bible are preserved is a special feature of this creation.  Then we can see the temple on the mount..  David says that even today certain parts of this temple have been preserved very carefully.  Some of the writings contained here tell of the religious observances performed during that time.  The other writings are in the Greek language and it contains the laws and regulations prevailing in the city during that time. 

David says that most of the evidence during Jesus’ time has been completely destroyed and whatever is remaining has been used for the creation of this replica. This bone boxbelonged to Joseph Caiaphas and it is inscribed on the box.   It is believed that this has a connection to events that took place during New Testament times.  There is evidence that these vessels were used to preserve the remains of those who were crucified in ancient times.  The most credible evidence to the crucifixion of Jesus, has been found in these boxes. These tourists say that they have enjoyed viewing this creation where they were able to create in their minds the sights and sounds of the Holy City. 

This person said that being able to see the ruins of the ancient Holy City inside this museum, and this replica of the city, all in one place has been a special experience.  He has been able to get a clearer picture of the events described in the Bible by visiting these exhibits.

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