A differently- able youth proves to the world that nothing is impossible.

This is Kyle and he is preparing for a boxing match.  Compared to the other competitors the difference in Kyle is that he is a young man with no hands and feet.Yet he is a boxing champion and has proved that all challenges can be overcome.  Kyle was born with no hands and feet.  His has a very rare health condition.  Kyle was born with the most complicated state of this disease.  Kyle says that his parents were very young and had to face many difficulties due to his health condition, they made every effort to take care of him.  With constant guidance from his parents Kyle also learnt everything as quickly as any other child would do. 

Although at first glance it seemed impossible as a child Kyle overcame all obstacles in his path.  He said that in some instances he was able to do things faster than other children.  As he grew up Kyle joined the Scout movement and the Football team and he excelled as a football player.  Later he turned to boxing and here again he won many boxing trophies.  He later went on to write a book about his life experiences titled ‘No Excuses’.  He became a very popular sight on social media, especially as a lecturer on Positive Thinking.

Today Kyle can do many things on his own and driving a car is his specialty.  Specially built for him, he drives his car extremely well.  In all this he says God’s grace has enabled him to achieve everything.  He believes that God’s teachings have helped him every step of the way.  Later he went on to preach the Gospel, along with his lectures on Positive Thinking.  He went on to become popular as the best lecturer on Positive Thinking.  Once he conducted a lecture with the President of America.  One day he met the mother of a soldier and on her request accepted a challenge that has never been done before.  And that is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  Although this was a very difficult challenge Kyle undertook it without considering the risk to his life.Kyle established a record as he completed this very challenging journey filled with numerous obstacles.  He established a record as the highest climb completed by a differently abled person.  He said this was the most unique challenge he has faced in his life and that by being able to complete the climb he is able to prove to the world that with God nothing is impossible.

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