The Pastor who could not be stopped by the bullet

This is Pastor Saeed Sihada.  He began his ministry in Syria six years ago, even before the civil war began.  He had a little Church and preached the Gospel to the Muslim people.  He has even performed miracles inside Syrian Muslim Temples.  Pastor Saeed says that he has distributed Bibles to Muslim people and preached the Gospel to them.  He preached to the large crowds that gathered around him that Jesus Christ is their only Saviour.  Later the war between the Syrian forces and Muslim extremist groups began.  Christians became the common target of ISIS and other terrorist groups.  This happened due to the fact that Christians were suspected to be in support of the Azad regime.  Saeed fled to Russia in the face of threats to his life and waited to see how the government would react.

Here you see a Norwegian region which is considered the refugees’ paradise in Europe.  Saeed and his wife Rana came to this region because they considered this to be the safest place in Europe.  They always believed that there was religious freedom in many countries in Europe.  Saeed prayed regularly for the war in Syria to end and peace to be restored.  He often proclaimed the Gospel through social media websites.  Through his web browsing he was able to keep the Syrian Muslim people updated on the Islamic extremist war situation.  As a result some sections of the Muslim community built up a hatred of Pastor Saeed.  He said that because of this he received numerous death threats through social media websites.  The threats mentioned that the terrorists were keeping an eye on him and that they had already surrounded the area where he lived.  Their demand was for him to stop sharing the Gospel through social media networks.

However Pastor Saeed says he will never stop spreading the Good News through social media and that he believes in the freedom of speech and he believes even more in the power of God’s Word.  He further said that the world has a right to know the distorted interpretations of the Quran,  that the terrorists are spreading.  As the Syrians realize the truth they have stopped supporting the terrorists and are fleeing to Europe.  Due to the intensity of the threats on the life of Pastor Saeed the Norwegian Police are providing protection for him.  He is determined not to stop the spread of the Gospel no matter what obstacles cross his path.

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