The Christian Church that uplifted the poor

Karuna is 5 years old and Gayathri is 3.  The father of these two little girls died an untimely death having been struck by lightning while working.  Their mother Durga has had no school education.  After the death of her husband she had no choice but to turn to cultivation.  Karuna says that when her mother went to the fields she had to stay home alone.   Because her sister is very small she says it would be good if her mother could have stayed at home with them. 

Durga says that with the death of her husband she had no other means of income, and was compelled to work in the fields.  As time went on this story reached the ears of a Pastor in a Church nearby.Durga was invited to join a Dressmaking Course being conducted by this Church free of charge.  Durga successfully completed the Dressmaking course having learnt the different methods of sewing.   Although her success paved the way for her to start her own Dressmaking business, she was discouraged as she didn’t have the means to do so.  The Church learnt about her situation and gifted her with a sewing machine so she could start her business.  Durga was delighted with this gift because she could now stay at home and start her own Dressmaking business.  She now had the opportunity to care for her children while engaging in her business.Little Gayathri says she is very happy because her mother can stay at home with her and is very grateful to the Church and everyone who helped them.

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