Revived by the power of prayer

Liz Mitchell is a Legal Assistant in the Dallas Courts.  She was a very efficient worker and was totally committed to her work.  Although she had many friends and relatives she was always distressed.  As she continued her life in this manner, one evening she was returning home from work, and as she was climbing the steps to her front door she lost her balance and fell down 17 steps.  As she lay there, unable to move, her one thought was to pray to God asking him to protect her.  She was quickly rushed to the hospital and when her boyfriend Ryan and other family members rushed to her side they were informed that she had broken a bone in her neck.  Ryan said that the doctors were of the opinion that she would never be able to walk again.  This came as a great shock to him and other family members.  Ryan and Mitchel fell in love just six months earlier.  Ryan never left her side while she was in a coma.  He turned to the Bible and prayer to seek comfort and strength.  Mitchell had numerous tubes connected to her lifeless body.  The only sound came from the life- support machine that she was connected to//  All this conveyed just one message to Ryan – that Mitchell needed a miracle very badly.

So Ryan turned to reading the Bible and praying more than he had ever done before.  He pleaded with God to save Mitchell’s life.  Because of his deep faith Mitchell recovered from her coma after four days.  From that point on she committed her life to God and spent a lot of her time in prayer.  She began to think very deeply about her life.  As she lay helpless in her bed she realized that God was her only hope and she kept that thought foremost in her mind.  She was further strengthened by Ryan’s promise never to leave her side.    It didn’t take long for this couple to receive answers to their prayers.  Although the doctors said she would never walk again, her condition began to improve slowly only because of the power of prayer. 

her condition improved as she began to go through physiotherapy day by day.  Shortly after that Ryan and Mitchell were married.  Although doctors said she would never stand again, today she is a mother, proving to the world that miracles are wrought by faith and prayer.

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