Christian schools spreading from America to China

Education in China is seeing a change.  The reason is the newly established Chinese Christian Schools.  According to Chinese Government Education Laws Chinese and American young people are receiving their education in these schools.  Shaun Algert is the Chief Professor of the Waitrose Christian Education Institute one of America’s most successful Christian Schools.  In 2014 the Education Department of America selected this Institute as the best Christian Education Institute in America.  His wife Algerth says that God has given them both a new responsibility. 

She went on to say that just as God gave Daniel a mission, He has called her to take the Gospel to places where there is no Christianity.  Although many Chinese observe other religions, today the one request of Chinese parents is to teach their children Christianity.  Prof. Algert says that these parents are very keen that their children are taught the Christian faith and how to live and act by it.  Chinese children are now taught Christianity in school and they are always guided by their teachers.  Prof. Algert says that Chinese children think very openly and that they love the Christian faith and are studying the Bible very well.  Chinese girls and boys are showing a great liking for the Christian faith.  Many children believe that the Bible is a handbook for a successful life.  Apart from learning about Christianity many children have turned to the Christian faith as well.

This young student says that she knew very little about Jesus when she was going to school.  Later after studying the Bible she learned about the love of Jesus and the meaning of the Christian faith.  Her Christian parents are very happy that God has shown her the way to inviting Him into her life.    Now her whole family are Christians. 

This young student says that he often discusses Christianity with his teachers and that he feels comforted when his teachers pray for him.  This mother says that she is very happy about the way the Bible is taught to her children and that she has no objection to it.

Chinese parents believe that their children will have a successful life when they receive a proper education.  It is due to this reason that many Chinese are turning to the Christian faith.  They believe that their future generations will be successful through the Christian faith.

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