From darkness to light by God’s grace

What you see now is not a normal Bible Study group or a group that gathers over the weekend.  This group of women gathers together every day to pray and study the Bible in order to forget their bitter past and seek God’s guidance to lead a new life.  They say that in the past everyone told them that they will have to live the rest of their life as wrongdoers and that they will never be forgiven.  But today they believe that it is not so. 

Christian Counsellor Dawn runs this centre on a very simple level to save women who have walked the wrong path in life.  Her aim is to save them from their wrong life and show them the right path and make them a blessing to society.  These women who are being rehabilitated after having been caught in various crime situations are personally supervised and cared for by Counsellor Dawn.

According to Dawn, she too was once in prison.  She believes that according to God’s plan for her life she was able to leave her sinful life and begin a new life.  Dawn was once heavily into drugs and never hesitated to do anything in order to get money to buy her drugs.  She had no place to live and resorted to any sort of unlawful acts in order to get by.  She slept under this stairway.  One day she was standing in front of the home of a Christian woman who helped to completed change the direction of her life. 

She prayed for Dawn to change the course of her life and Dawn called a halt to her sinful life from that point on.  She had served several terms in prison before and she never imagined that her life would change this way.  She asked God that if his word was true then to release her from this sinful life.  She later received salvation and dedicated the rest of her life to save others like her by sharing what had happened to her.

Today she has a Degree on Christian Studies and  has authored a book about her salvation.  She is currently involved in ministering to women in prison, like her, and showing them how to overcome their sinful lives.  She also assists other well-known Pastors in their ministries.  Her programme of rescuing prisoners is now very successful.  Belinda is such a young woman who was able to change her life through this programme.  Today she is ministering in Africa with Pastor Heidi Baker.  On seeing the success of this programme, plans are being made to begin a separate rehabilitation programme for men in prison.  In all this she firmly believes that God will one day bring all people to Himself.

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