Secret of happiness in Guatemalans

Loneliness is nothing new to Sylvia Pablo.  She is 21 years old.  The lower part of her body has been disabled from birth and for the last 10 years she has been confined to her home, after her father left her.  However, her faith has never left her.  Today she has her own wheelchair and she also has a job in a factory.  She says that her prayers brought an answer to her loneliness.  She further says that it is God who has brought her happiness.  She believes that no matter what problems life brings her way, with faith and belief in God it can all be overcome.  She further said that we must live the life that God has given us and that happiness is something we have to create for ourselves.

This is Ivan Racus who has also had to face many unpleasant experiences in life.  His mother died when he was little and recently his child also died through illness.  Yet, strong family ties and faith helps him to live a happy life.  He says that living with his wife, her parents and relatives has brought him much happiness.  He says that along with the happiness it is also a great challenge.  If we can help each other during difficult times it is like living according to God’s Word.

It is a common sight all over the world that millions of people are lonely both geographically and socially.  Research has revealed that loneliness is fast becoming the worlds fastest spreading illness and can cause people to have a short span of life.  But the people of Guatemala have a secret to happiness to share with the world.  And that is God’s grace.

Psychiatrist Pinto says that living in faith and unity between families is the cause for happiness in the lives of the people of Guatemala.  Living apart from loneliness and stress which is common in all of the world today, they have defeated it and it has brought them much happiness.  When the people of Guatemala have a problem they know very well that they have to work hard to overcome it and it is an example to the whole world. 

Sylvia is a fine example.  People who live happily are people who find happiness in what they have. This is the message from Guatemala to the entire world.


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