Pastor who brings food for the body and God’s Word for the soul

Like most Pastors, Pastor Thomas also has a kind heart.  He shares something very important with his people.  Without any discrimination he distributes food to all the people in his area.  He says that God has never ordered anyone to go to Church and he distributes food to everyone with love and the Gospel.  He calls his ministry the Food Truck Church.  Everything began with this Food Truck.  Pastor Thomas bought an old dilapidated Food Truck and repaired and refurbished it. 

While doing so he came up with this brilliant idea.  He would always hear the Lord telling him ‘Thomas you must do something different for society’.  That is how this concept was born and he believes it is a blessing to society.  His Church is named Hope House Church.  At this time this Church was founded he received the assistance of many people.  With the left over money he repaired the truck and completed it with a fully equipped kitchen.

He can prepare between 100 – 300 meals at one time in this kitchen.  To expand his ministry Pastor Thomas is building a new Church.  He believes that with the expansion he can provide more people with cooked meals.  At present some of his food is cooked outside and brought in to the truck.  Many people appreciate this kind gesture and continue to thank him for this service.  Another important development is that other Churches have also joined to help in this ministry. 

Those who have joined from other Churches say that they are blessed to be able to become a part of such a ministry.  Today this Food Truck Church has become very popular and as soon as it is seen many people flock around it to get their food.  Everyone looks forward to receiving a freshly cooked meal and Pastor Thomas is grateful to God and overjoyed for giving him the strength and energy to carry on this ministry.

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