Ancient grave yard bears testimony to the Bible

Archeologists found this ancient graveyard during research operations being carried out near the ancient Palestinian city.  According to this archeologist this graveyard should have belonged to the Palestinians.  The main reason for them to suspect this is because it is in close proximity to these five main cities. This officer in charge of exhibits says that many of these archeological facts depict that particular period they believe it is relevant to Palestinians.   For many years these archeologists have been studying these graves and collecting facts about the Palestinian heritage.  Archelogist Daniel says that some graves clearly tell the story of the Palestinian heritage from beginning to end and they have even found artefacts belonging to that time period. 

He further said that there are thousands of human bones here but they have found only a few up to now. By means of carbon testing they have been able to determine that these bones belong to the 8th and 10th century.  Because Palestinians lived near the ocean they migrated from the West to Israel for business purposes.  Daniel further said that this migration led to Israelis and Palestinians meeting face to face.  It has also been discovered through the evidence the reasons for the conflicts that arose among them.

Archeologist Prof Lawrence Stager of Harvard University started this study in 1985.  He is a person who discovered many details about the conflict between Palestine and Israel.  According to him as stated in the Bible Israel is always compared to the Palestinians.  Both parties are accused.  According to Prof. Daniel the research reveals that the Palestinians had claim to a very high cultural heritage. 

They have also had their own views of God in their time.  Palestinians have lived on this land for more than 600 years.  They are of the view that this history is older than the history of America.  They were destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar.  According to the Bible this happened before the invasion of the Babylonians.ccording to archeologists Palestinians were not able to go to Israel.  Later there is no record of this matter, they say.

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