Message of the Gospel through a drop of water

Due to the drought that has prevailed for the past six months 13 year old Ritana has to collect water everyday.  He was to walk 5 miles to a pond near a temple to collect water for drinking purposes. He collects the water, carries out his religious rituals and rushes back home with the vessels of water.  His parents have a sugar cane plantation for their livelihood.   

During the months of rain they plant paddy.  Any extra money they earn is through their vegetable plantation and a chicken farm.  However, with the onset of the drought and there is no water supply the hens in the farm died and the vegetable plants also were destroyed.  With the loss of income Ritana had to stop going to school.  He said his parents often remind him that without a proper education he will not be able to get a good job.  So he has a deep desire to go back to school.

CBN Mission acting according to God’s blessings were able to erect a Tube Well for his little village.  Now everyone has more than enough of fresh water for drinking and other purposes.  This has become a great relief to the people.  Ritana says he is very happy about this.  The Mission has also provided his family with vegetable seeds, chicks and two pigs so that his parents can get back to their farming and plantation activities.  Because of the regular water supply their vegetable and growing well. 

So Ritana can go back to school.  Ritana and his family have decided to attend Church services because of all the help they received to get back on their feet.  Here they were able to hear the message of the Gospel through the Pastor.  Ritana says that after hearing the Gospel he feels a sense of freedom in his heart and as a result his whole family goes to Church to thank God.

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