God’s grace brings a smile

While watching his son go to school Newman can only think of how he returns home a very sad child.  He says that he is very sad about the weakness in his son’s face.    When other children see his son’s deformed face they make jokes at him.  So this child Mudda spends his days as a very sad child.  Mudda says he wants to get rid of the deformity in his face.Mudda is a very determined child.  However much other children made fun of him it did not deter him from attending school every day.  Because of a deformity in his lips he was not able to pronounce words properly.    Because he knew that attending school was essential for his future he did not stop going to school.  His one dream was to be able to speak properly in front of everyone.

In Indonesia surgery to correct this type of disability would cost around 50,000 Dollars.  Mudda’s parents’ daily wage was around 7 Dollars.  Newman says he had promised his child that he would one day make him well.  So he spent his time hoping that some help would come his way.  One day he happened to hear that CBN Mission would conduct this surgery free of charge.  At once Newman went into action to get his son’s surgery done through the CBN Mission.  Mudda was operated.

He is now a very happy child.  Because of his disability Mudda would not join other children to play but now he joined them very happily.  He was always smiling because he wanted to show everyone the smile he could not show earlier.  Little Mudda says his father say he is beautiful.  He says he is thankful to God and His grace for giving him back his smile.

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