Christian Aid for Venezuela

The internal battles within Venezuela have seen a sharp rise in recent days.  The capital city Caracas is today referred to as the world’s most dangerous city.  Murder and other criminal acts are on the increase daily.  The daily life of the people has come to such a crisis that they are now eating the cats, dogs and doves in the city, due to lack of food.  As a result there is tension and upheaval all throughout the country.  The city of Cucuta is located close to the Western border of Venezuela.  The President recently closed the Western border causing a further increase in the tension.  Due to the closure of the border thousands of people were stranded at the border during the weekend.  Many people travel there with much difficult and they have come to purchase their daily needs.

This person said that he is unable to get food and medication for his children.  The food that is produced within the country is not sufficient for its people.  A few months ago this person, Rahul, came here with his two children having paid a bribe at the border entrance.  The reason was because the border was closed. 

The situation in Columbia where there are Venezuelan refugees is quite different.  Due to the lack of employment opportunities they have turned to antisocial acts.  Rahul says that his earnings are insufficient to provide for his family and that is why he has to resort to other means.  The sources of income are insufficient for the people to purchase their daily needs and it is causing them many problems. 

This woman runs her shop near the border at great risk.  She says that many people try to buy goods without realizing their value and as such there are difficult situations that arise.  The other problem is the exchange of currencies.  They do not get a proper value when exchanging their money. The best example for this is to buy a loaf of bread they need a bag of Venezuelan money.

Because of these problems the churches in Columbia have come forward to help these people.  Apart from food and medical needs they also provide housing.  Because of this the people have received some sort of relief to their daily lives.  This has resulted in the possibility of the border gates being re-opened.

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