Young woman wins Olympic Medal by God’s grace

Sanya Richards is the name of this sportswoman.  According to her she was won 4 Olympic Gold Medals.  She has also won the World Championship for 400m on four occasions.    She also holds the American record for the fastest run in the 400m event.  As a professional Athlete she is now in her 13th year.  However the truth is that behind all this success is a past that is filled with many unpleasant and painful experiences.   She was born in Jamaica.  She would participate in races held after Church service on Sundays and would always beat all the other children and win the race.  Therefore many would say she was born to run.

Her first victory was in her fourth year.  It was a tournament at National level and thousands of children came to witness it.  Everybody hoped she would win the race and that is exactly what happened.  As time passed, she began to wonder how she could find success in life through this God-given gift of athletic ability. 

Later she became a professional athlete.   She claimed that when she was running her mind became free and she claims that it is a strength that she receives from God.  Before the beginning of every race she thinks about the hard and difficult journey of her life and how God helped her to overcome it.  She always believed that her victory was due to the strength she received from God. 

She believes that God helps her to keep an open and free mind from the beginning of a race to its end.  She claims that one cannot easily obtain the world’s highest victory and that it requires a high degree of continued commitment and determination.  In 2008 she received her first Olympic victory with a Bronze Medal.  However after four years of intense commitment she was able to win an Olympic Gold Medal at the next Games.   She considers every victory as a precious gift from God.  At the London Olympics she won a Gold Medal showing to the entire world the miracle of God’s grace.

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