SuperBook Tour reaches Hong Kong

Millions of Book lovers from all over the world gather in Hong Kong once a year to witness the Hong Kong Book Exhibition.  A huge number of visitors to the Book Exhibition are recorded every year which also provides a fine opportunity for new creations to be presented to the crowd.   This year the biggest attraction was the Super Book Cartoon Series which came to Hong Kong.  This Bible Story series presented in Animated Cartoon form is now available dubbed in Cantonese and Mandarin languages.  Although efforts were made several times on previous occasions the Super Book series reaped the greatest benefits this year.  According to this organizer Super Book has already claimed a special place in this Book Exhibition.    Many Super Book fans are drawn to this stall due to its popularity.  Many children are attracted to this series and he believes it is a cartoon that has a high educational value.  He further claims that many parents and children are drawn to this stall are if it were a magnet.

This mother says that although they have been Christians there has not been such a Bible teaching method that is geared for children in earlier times.  She further said that this cartoon series helps her children to walk in God’s path.  This teacher uses Super book Bible Stories for her school work.  She believes that it creates determination and self confidence in the children.  She provides an opportunity for her children to watch the Super Book Cartoons during their break times.  She further said that her children are encouraged to develop their education through watching these cartoons.  Many people believe that children will be able to make the right choices in the future by watching these cartoons.  She went on to say that Hong Kong is a country that is running after money.  Many people are of the hope that this will help their children to choose the right path in the future and that Super Book is God’s hidden blessing.

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