Christian businessman who helps the refugees

Illinois Pallette Company is an organization that produces various types of palettes used for varied types of industry.  These palettes are mainly used all over the United States .  The owner of this Company, James, realizing the value of this industry began his own industry.  According to him he earns a good profit from this business.  His owes his success to his efficient staff who are able to provide a fast and efficient servicing of orders received.  Due to his excessive number of orders he saw the need to expand his business.  At this point of time he received a revelation of a new idea through the leading God’s grace.  That is to provide job opportunities in his organization to the many people who had become refugees due to many reasons.  At first he recruited four refugees but today the number of his employees who were in refugee status has risen to 80.    Through this his employees are able to experience something more than just obtaining employment.  And that is God’s grace.

This employee says that he has completed a year of service in this organization and it is a great joy to work here.  He further said that he receives a very good wage here and this is a good job.  The owner of the business says he treats the workers more than mere employees.  He takes time to provide relief for the many situations faced by his employees and has set aside time for his employees to discuss their problems with him.  He has also commenced a program to build homes for his employees.  These acts are equal to services carried out by the Church and it brings him great joy, he says.  He further said that he is always asking God to send to him people who are in need of assistance.  

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