Christianity spreading fast in China

China is getting younger day by day.  Today in cities like Shanghai the younger generation is increasing.  24 million people live in the city of Shanghai and exactly half of them are reported to be between the ages of 20-33 years.  There are many reasons for these young people to head to Shanghai.  She says it is a little while since she came to Shanghai and the reason for her to come is to find a good job and to earn more money.

While the young people are on the search for good jobs the tendency for them to turn to Christianity is also on the rise.  It is seen that more and more of them are turning to the Christian faith in order to find release from the pressures they face in life.  According to latest reports around 62% of Chinese Christians are between the ages of 19-39 years.  This young man says that one day a friend of his invited him to attend his Church and listening to the music and singing brought great relief to him.  Later he understood that there was something special about all this.  Christian Pastors say that the reason for Chinese youth to come to Church is to be able to find solace in their busy lives.

This Lady Pastor says that it is not easy to live in a huge city and many young people have shared their burdens with her.  Some have broken down in tears in her presence and asked her to save them.  Pastors preach sermons to these young people based on their life experiences and many have shown interest in them.  She says that listening to the problems of the young people and finding solutions is very important.

Some young people attend services very enthusiastically and they are led to pray by themselves.  They realize that they are no longer alone, they say.  She says that now I am a Christian and I am not afraid of anyone because I know that Jesus is always with me.  Everyone believes that the young person is like an anger who spreads the Gospel of God throughout the city.

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