Child receives salvation through SuperBook

Esther watched a Superbook cartoon for the first time when she was around 5 years old when her Father showed it to her through Youtube.  She was impressed with one episode where Jesus came to rescue people from the devil.

According to her, if we forgive someone then God will also forgive her she believes.  About a month after she watched a Superbook cartoon it was her 6th birthday and her family and friends were singing birthday greetings in Hindi.  However since she understood only English she could not understand what they were singing and thought they were insulting her.  She went away from everyone into a room and slept there alone.

In a little while she suddenly saw a vision.  She saw Superbook characters in it.  She felt that she was sinking because of the darkness in her heart.  At that point she asked Jesus to remove the darkness in her heart and at once she saw a rainbow appear and engulf her.  Then Jesus came up to her and removed the darkness from her heart and gave her light.

Later she woke up and realized that she accepted Jesus and that He forgave her for all her sins.  She went at once to her friends and family and asked them to forgive her for the way she behaved.  After seeing the vision of Jesus the little girl felt as if she was born again.  Now little Esther is taken by her mother to the Superbook Children’s Church in Mumbai and helps in the work there.  She believes that Jesus has given her special powers and so she will help to spread the Good News so everyone would come to know that Jesus in the only living Saviour, she said.

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