5. Iraq to the aid of Syrian Christian refugees

The sight you see is of a Syrian refugee centre that provides accommodation to 130 Syrians.  With the escalation of terrorist activities within Iraq the Christians living in the country began migrating to other countries.  They were given three opportunities by the IS terrorists.  They are either to take on the Muslim faith, to pay taxes to IS terrorists or face death.  So they had to leave the area to safeguard their lives. 

This is Raman Yusuf.  He is here with his wife and daughter.  He recalled his memories this way.  The time the IS terrorists entered their village is not a pleasant memory.  They destroyed about 50 villages and those who escaped had leave their homes and run away to save their lives.  He went on to say that they had nothing left to call their own and that the government did not provide any protection for them.   You now see the best run refugee camp within the city of Baghdad.  Although in the beginning it was set up by government intervention and assistance now it is being operated with the assistance of non-government organizations and the Churches.

Nahala Kador is a volunteer from an organization that provides aid to these people.  According to her the Iraqi refugees are faced with a serious threat.  There are severe problems with regard to their protection and that early attention needs to be given to this, she said.  She went on to say that this was like living as prisoners in one’s own country. 

However the government says that they will not reduce the amount of money being spent on providing security and other facilities to the refugees but the activities of the IS terrorists and the protests by the refugees are obstructing these activities.

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