Miracle story from Hollywood

This is writer Christie who is watching how her Book, a true story, titled Miracles from Heaven is being made into a movie.  The book was the story of her daughter who faced an unfortunate situation and received healing by a miraculous act and now watching it being made into a movie was a special experience she said.  Popular actress Jennifer Garner plays the role of Christie and Christie says she has done justice to her role. 

Actress Jennifer says this movie which is based on faith has become a huge experience for her because the real mother in the story was also impressed by her acting.  She said that through this experience she came to understand faith in a very deep way.

Christie and her family members were very worried and burdened due to Anna’s illness.  Doctors sent Anna home from hospital because they had no hope for her life.  At a time like this Anna put all thoughts aside and climbed a tree with her sister.  Up on the tree Anna had to face an unexpected situation and was stuck there for four hours.  Later she was hospitalized and they discovered that she was completely healed of her illness.  She said that while she was stuck up on the tree Jesus healed her.

Anna and her family were able to witness the miracle she experienced through a movie in Texas.  Speaking about this Anna said that she had severe pain due to her illness but she had a deep faith that a miracle would take place.

Having faced this situation and later being able to release the story in a book Christie says that Actress Jennifer gave life to the real experiences she faced as a mother.  She says the reason for this is that before the film was made Jennifer met Christie and came to understand what she went through during that time.   Jennifer also read the book written by Christie and studied it very carefully and that also helped her to give life to her character. The actors in the movie and the characters of the real story attended a press conference and their belief was that your miracle will happen based on your faith.

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