A dream comes true for a brave child

13 year old Christy O’Connor was born with severe joint disabilities.  He had a great desire to play games just like other children.  His greatest dream as a child was to be able to ride a bicycle.  However due to the disabilities in his legs it always remained a dream.  But today his dream has come true.

Because of my disabilities from birth I was not able to ride a bicycle.  But because this special bicycle can be ridden by hand I also can ride a bicycle.  I can use my hands to ride this bicycle which has two wheels at the back and one in front.

His mother said the smile and joy on his face is a great relief for her.  He happily rides several rounds on his bicycle every day once in the morning and once in the evening.  There was a time when Christy could not even get up on his own due to his disabilities and had to get about on crutches but with much difficulty.  Now because of this special bicycle he can get about easily which makes him a happy child.His mother went on to say that Christy gets on his bicycle and goes down the road and visits his friend’s homes as well which was something he could not do before.

This special bicycle was given to him by an organization named Sportsmen helping Sportsmen.  Christy says he thanks God for this gift he has received and that this is a great blessing to children who are unable to see the world because of various disabilities.

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